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................ 樂意為你們設計不同意念的 <<教堂婚禮 . 酒店宴會 . 節日花束 . 新娘花球 . 祝賀花籃>> ................ ******* Seasonal flowers would be the best option. Pale, delicate flowers may work better in the spring whike dark, rich coloured flowers would work for fall. ******************************************* *** Experience the refreshment that only flowers provide! ~ ***


Orchid ~

Perhaps the most exotic, seductive-looking wedding-dayblooms, orchids come in shades from white to vibrant pink to chartreuse. While they are cultivated in thousands of species, only a few types are really used for weddings. Fragrant, star-shaped cymbidium orchids and wide, flat-petaled phalaenopsis orchids are the most expensive. Though both are quite hardy, they can perish. Consider a cascade of bouquet-and cattleya orchids, with their thin, curved petals, as a relative bargain. Tiny orcidium orchids, known as spray orchids, are most often used as accents.       (Available: year-round)       (from: In Style)